Friday, 9 March 2012

The New Sony Tablet P Review

Sony Tablet P sets itself apart from other Android tablets . It boasts a 1 GHZ Dual core Cpu , 4 GB of internal storage and Android 3.2.1 . It Also has 3G connectivity .
The tablet is now for sale.

Video Review :

  Memory :

A 2 GB SD Memory that can be expanded to 32 GB is supplied .

   Software :

The Tablet runs Android 3.2.1 . There is a fair amount of lag and sluggishness present all over the OS.
Dual Core screen Apps
Playstaion certification : Sony Tablet P is a playstation certified device , With the four log placed near the hinge . This means That you can play original PSone games.

   Battery life :

Two Screens totalling 11 inches means a lot for the tablet P's battery power , which is why there is a gigantic 3,080 mAh battery inside the rear cover and its removable.

   Cameras : 

The tablet P's rear facing 5 mega pixels camera is functional , its slow and produces soft, noisy photos . it can shoot 720 P video . Also with  a front facing 0.3 mega pixelss shooter that is comically awful.

     Audio :

The lone external speaker is all too soft , evident when you listen to music without headphones inside pandora

     Pricing :

$399.99 with two-year AT&T contract or $549.99 without.


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